Fairtrade Goldsmiths Registration Scheme

Fairtrade Gold have recently launched their Goldsmiths Registration Scheme for small scale jewellers such as myself to commit to using Fairtrade Gold and Silver in their work. This is Fairtrade’s way of ensuring the small jeweller plays a vital role in the ethical transformation of the jewellery sector.

Victoria Jarman ~ Fairtrade Foundation Registered Jeweller 2014
Victoria Jarman ~ Fairtrade Foundation Registered Jeweller 2014

I will be displaying this banner across all of my websites and it is your guarantee of the commitment I’ve made to using Fairtrade gold and silver. The only difference between this and the full licencee holders is that, anually, they use a lot more gold and silver. One day I hope to become a full licencee!

I also use recycled silver and gold in my work and will continue to do so as I feel this has significant environmental benefits…as the gold has already been mined, then it should be put to good use and given a new lease of life! But of course there are compelling reasons to buy Fairtrade which supports artisanal miners to secure safe working conditions, sound environmental practices and a fair wage for their work. If you have a strong preference either way then please just let me know when enquiring with me about your jewellery.

You can read more about Fairtrade Gold, the miners and the auditing process here and you can see a full list of registered fairtrade small jewellers here. It’s so encouraging to see so many small jewellers registered already and the scheme has only been open since Friday with many only registering on Monday!

If you have any questions about buying ethical, eco-friendly jewellery, please don’t hesistate to contact me.



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