Exciting News!

I’m very excited to share the news that I am expecting my first baby in August this year! :-)

Since finally dragging myself out of the tiredness of the first couple of months I have been busily squirreling away behind the scenes to get my jewellery business in tip top shape before I go off on maternity leave.

I will be at a few exhibitions and arts trails this spring and summer (more info to follow). The plan then is to get lots of stock made up this summer ready for a few of the bigger xmas fairs, but perhaps I’m being a tad optimistic about how much energy and enthusiasm I’ll have at that stage!? I’m sure the husband will appreciate a couple of bonding days while I escape for a few hours ;)

I’m therefore asking that any big orders, i.e. for engagement and wedding rings, be placed by the end of June so I will have time to get them made for you before I get too enormous to sit at my workbench! All things being well I’ll be back at work sometime around March 2015 and am happy to chat about orders to get going with as soon as I return.

But that all seems a very very long way away…to keep my mind busy and not thinking panicky thoughts I can assure you that in the here and now it’s business as usual!


PS. In case you’re wondering – and assuming the lovely people at the ultrasound department haven’t made a mistake – we’re expecting a little girl xxx


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