Star Gazing ~ Scattered Diamond Engagement Ring

I loved working on this ring! Samantha originally contacted me about an eco-friendly engagement ring. She had seen the following rings in my Etsy shop & was interested in commissioning something similar to these rings in white gold ~

Diamond Engagement & Wedding Band Set

Sam had a few questions around different metal types & how they withstand everyday wear. She also wanted to commission something unique to her & of course it had to be ethical!

Fortunately Sam was local to me so could visit me in my workshop. As I sell my rings all around the world I usually work with my clients via email, sending sketches, photos & measurements to get to the right design so it’s a nice change for someone to visit my workshop & try rings on/discuss their ideas. It’s normal for the client to then go away & think about it & there’ll probably be a few more emails backwards & forwards to clarify things anyway!

We discussed different options around the width of the band as well as the number & size of the diamonds. Sam decided to go for a wide band ring with different sized diamonds scattered across the top of the band. She also chose a frosted finish which is a lovely alternative to a highly polished finish, wears well & sparkles beautifully (especially with diamonds!).

Here is the finished ring! The diamonds are 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm in size & the ring is 5mm wide made from recycled 9ct white gold…

I’m very pleased to say that Sam loves her engagement ring. Here’s what she had to say ~

“My fiance and I commissioned Victoria to create a bespoke diamond engagement ring using recycled white gold and ethically sourced diamonds. We initially met Victoria to discuss our needs, and then decided upon the final design through an email conversation. Victoria was brilliant at intuitively understanding the sort of ring that might appeal to us, and she helped steer the design process by producing drawings to demonstrate what could be achieved. The final ring is absolutely stunning – a completely unique ring which no one else in the world will have! We’re delighted with the results and will approach Victoria to commission our wedding rings as well.”

Sam loved the final design as it reminded her of looking up at the stars.

If you’re interested in commissioning your own engagement ring, please drop me a line.



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